Criminal Appeals

Criminal Appeals
We provide an appeal service whether this is conviction or sentence we can assist. Often, you only have one opportunity to appeal so it is important it is done right. We look to put clients in the strongest  position when lodging cases in the Court of Appeal.

Oral Hearing

An oral hearing is conducted usually by a two member panel who will in essence risk assess the prisoner to determine whether the prisoner is safe enough to be either transferred to open prison or released into the community. Should it be clear that a specialist member is required such as a psychologist/psychiatrist then the Board will sit as a three member panel.  “The circumstances in which an oral hearing would be necessary would often include (a) imp

Parole Hearing

Prison Law and Parole Hearing Contact Us 1 Prisoners are initially considered by a paper panel. This is the first stage of the process whereby the prisoner’s dossier is considered in depth usually by one of our legal representatives. The legal representative will then take detailed instructions before putting forward representations to the parole board. We will advise the client on his options in relation to his/her p...
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