The term ‘open conditions’ refer to category D prisons/ open prisons which bridge the gap between closed prisons and release into the community. This type of prison holds those people that pose a low risk to the public and can be trusted to return should they be permitted to leave the premises.

Open prisoner do not have fences or walls to keep prisoners inside the establishment. Prisoners are given keys to their own rooms and everybody is learning how to integrate back into the community again through education and training programs. The prisoners will also have an opportunity to undertake work placement in local businesses around the prison.

Furthermore, during their time in open conditions, the prisoners may have the opportunity to undertake a number of ROTL’s (release on temporary licence) including resettlement day release and resettlement overnight release towards the end of their sentence. All ROTL’s must have a clear, recorded link to an objective identified in the individual prisoner’s sentence plan and/or resettlement goals and are subject to stringent conditions. It should be borne in mind that previous failures to complete ROTL’s or attempts to abscond or escape will deprive that prisoner of the opportunity to take further ROTL’s in the future.

A successful period in open conditions will greatly benefit the prisoner by allowing him to become independent, test is abilities, demonstrate good behavior and trustworthiness.

Our legal representatives will represent all prisoners who wish to progress from open conditions to release into the community at their upcoming parole hearing.

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