There are a variety of offending behaviour programmes offered in prisons. Each programme is designed to address particular types of offences and risk factors, and therefore prisoners will be required to partake and complete these as part of their sentence plan in order to reduce their risk.

A full list can be found on the government website at: /before-after-release/obp . The most common courses are;

  • RESOLVE- Aimed at violent offenders;
  • Thinking Skills Programme;
  • Self Change Programme- aimed at violent offenders;
  • Healthy Relationship Programme;
  • Building Better Relationships;
  • Extended SOTP;
  • Healthy Sexual Programme

Behaviour programmes are essential to the parole process because the parole board will want to see that the prisoners risk has been reduced.

The programmes last for a number of weeks and will usually be undertaken in a group setting. They require the prisoner to put thought an effort into course activities to show that they have understood.

All prisoners will also receive a certificate for successful completion.

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