At the beginning of a parole oral hearing the parole board will introduce themselves as an “independent body established to make a risk assessment in respect of whether open conditions or release is appropriate in the circumstances”. The parole board is a two member panel, one acting as chair, who hears recommendations and submissions from the attendees. They make a recommendation, based on what they have heard, to the Secretary of State who will make the final decision.

Today the parole board is an independent executive non-departmental public body set up under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 created for the purposes of risk assessing all prisoners when it is there turn for parole. It should not borne in mind that should a prisoner’s application be rejected by the parole board a prisoner must wait a year before coming before them once again.

Our team have an extensive knowledge of the Parole Board members and are able to tailor the applications to the individual panels. The head of our team is the Parole Board for the Association of Prison Lawyers.

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