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A client of ours at Swain & Co Solicitors has been released, in large part due to outstanding representation from Philippa Parry-Jones of this firm. Our client had been serving a 10 year determinate sentence imposed in September 2008 for conspiracy to commit robbery and carrying a firearm with intent.

Our client was initially granted release at a parole hearing on the 10th June 2016. However he was then admitted to hospital on the 25th July due to him being under the influence of NPS’s on a number of occasions.

Philippa represented our client at the initial hearing, and was able to persuade the parole board that he being released would be the correct decision, due to him displaying positive behaviour in the recent months and the fact that there had been little evidence of him misusing substances and no evidence of him using physical violence for many years. This meant that it she was able to be show that the risk of future harm could be safely managed in the community.

Our client was again represented by Philippa at the second hearing, following his admission to hospital. She was able to present a persuasive argument that the drug-related incident did not affect his risk or whether the public would be safe if he were still to be released. The outstanding representation, and the fact that our client had dealt appropriately with the suspension of his release decision, led to the board being left with no option other than to uphold the decision for release.

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